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Our in-house ink lab

Specialist Inks​ is our very own on-site ink lab and production facility, producing unique colours, effects and textures just for Augustus Martin clients. Our heritage is rooted in the belief that printing is a craft not a process and the application of ink is one of the fundamental skills required to be a master of that craft.

Our team develop unique inks to ensure, our products have maximum standout, giving our clients a clear advantage over their competitors

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our products

In-house Ink Lab

Ink lab

Everything starts in our ink lab where our chemists combine their technical know-how with state of the art technology. This allows them to produce bespoke solutions for our clients.

Our aim has always been to create experience and feeling through print, and our inks and specialist coatings allow us to do that.

Ink production

Once we have formulated your ink solution on a small scale in our lab, the next stage is to go into large scale production in our in-house print production unit, ensuring all formulations are consistent and repeatable.

You need to know that your printed product is consistent across the whole run and you also need to know next time you ask us to print for you everything is uniform, we can guarantee that using our unique colour matching systems.

Specialist Inks

Once we have brought your ideas to life in our lab and made your unique ink in our production unit, we can deliver on your creative vision on our print floor.

Our specialist inks are optimised to work on our screen and digital presses, guaranteeing unrivalled impact across, retail, out-of-home and potentially anywhere else your communication may be seen.

Black Fizz

Goosebumps Fizz

High Build

Pink Fizz

Purple Fizz

Red Fizz

Droplet Gloss High Build - Water​

Droplet Gloss High Build - Ice​

Liquid Silver with Bronze Wash

Liquid Silver with Green Wash

Liquid Silver with Red Wash

Selective Liquid Silver - Metal​

Selective Liquid Silver - Pattern​

Spot UV Gloss

Flash Reveal

Heat Reveal

Scratch and Sniff

Solid Wash Off Reveal

Dayglow Green

Selective Dayglow Orange​

Dayglow Orange

Selective Dayglow Pink - Feather​

Selective Dayglow Pink - Solid​

Dayglow Pink

Dayglow Yellow

Black Diamond Glitter

Blue Enhancment Glitter

Gold Fizz Glitter

Gold Glitter Fleck on Black

Gold Glitter

Green Glitter

Purple Glitter

Red Glitter on Black

Red Glitter

Selective Silver Glitter​

Selective Gold Glitter

Silver Glitter



General Manager - Ink Development

Approaching the 30-year mark of my career, I joined Augustus Martin’s Ink lab following my Chemistry degree graduation. I have only ever had one professional role, and this has been right here. I joined as a lab assistant and have never looked back. Progressing through to R&D manager to now, the General Manager of the whole ink business within Augustus Martin. To this day, developing new products and unique ink effects still intrigues and excites me. As long as what we do makes a difference, this is motivating enough.
Although the team around me is small, the work that they put in is second to none and our collaborative approach is something we all love.

our products

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We have mapped the carbon footprint of all substrates and manufacturing consumables we use to help you choose lower carbon alternatives.