Augustus Martin - POS

Our Story.

Augustus Martin has been part of the ecosystem for many of the UK's leading retail, brand and out of home businesses for over 50 years. With our experience in these sectors, we craft award winning Point of Sale solutions focused on accentuating marketing campaigns, allowing our clients to maximise their marketing ROI.​

We are proud that our manufacturing heritage and our people, focused on servicing our customers, many of whom have trusted us with their business for more than a decade, remains at the core of our success today. We are also, keenly aware of the importance of evolution and innovation. So, around our manufacturing core we have built a set of valuable products, services and software solutions that deliver a one stop shop with the specific aim of ensuring that at any point from concept to installation of your campaign, we can competitively, improve your ability to maximise your Marketing ROI and, OTV.

Markets we serve.


We have a comprehensive understanding of retail and the challenges retailers face in activating their campaign materials in store. 

Our teams are focused on creating campaigns that both really standout and be efficiently delivered for central teams. We ensure campaigns are effective in use or store staff and shoppers.



Augustus Martin help brands win sales. Our creative and innovative approach to POS, coupled with our unique 'disruptive inks' that we make at our on-site laboratory, provide impact and punch against your competition in store.

Out of Home

Augustus Martin’s business was built on outdoor media over 50 years ago and has been delivering powerful and unmissable communication to people on the move ever since. Billboards, Bus Sides, Rail and Tube Panels are just some of the Out of Home media that Augustus Martin produce.


​​Print BPO

Augustus Martin is the Partner of choice for many of today’s BPO’s and their clients because we understand the importance of trust. Our focus on quality and ensuring excellence in service delivery, is what ensures that your commitments a


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Augustus Martin - POS

Our Responsibility.

We are a forward looking business and one of the biggest challenges we face as a business and as a sector, is how we protect the planet.


At Augustus Martin, we are increasingly aware of the responsibility all manufacturers carry to ensure that we develop R&D strategies and Supplier relationships that contribute to, rather than detract from, global sustainability objectives.

Our commitment is towards investing in developing green solutions and partnerships that will remove all plastics from our production processes by 2025.

Our Future.

Whilst we invest in manufacturing our investment portfolio is more diverse than ever, bringing new products, infrastructure, processes and, software solutions to market.


The core focus at Augustus Martin is to ensure that we maintain competitive advantage for not only ourselves but also for our clients.


Augustus Martin, through understanding and adapting to meet our client and market needs, has evolved from a manufacturing business into a services and software business. Our solutions actively driving significant value and cost benefit for the largest FMCG business in the UK to smaller boutique retailers on the high street.

Augustus Martin - POS